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You can always be assured that you will receive a welcoming smile from our warm staff at Dr. O'Leary's office.  Our goal is to provide personal medical care utilizing today's medical technology and advances.  We treat patients like family - many have been patients for over 25 years.  Your continuity of medical care is extremely important to us.  Since Dr. O'Leary and Dr. Celayes are Board Certified in multiple specialties, they are able to provide very comprehensive medical care on every office visit.

The Team is managed by Dr. O'Leary and he strongly believes that we are here for you, our patient, during your times of need.  Our motto is, "We don't go home until every patient's phone call is returned."  We strive to keep our reputation as the "Best Office In South Florida!"

Our team is comprised of an experienced staff with most employees having 5-10+ years of service with Dr. O'Leary.  All of our medical staff are certified and continually update their credentials and strive to learn more to better serve you.  We have a licensed X-Ray Technician and Certified Medical Assistants that create our medical team.  Our adminisitrative team keeps the ball rolling from check-in to checkout.  You will often see our friendly faces in the hall connecting with our patients and it is not rare to see a patient being hugged by one of us just like family.

You will always have a real person answering your calls, not a machine or voicemail.  We believe in personal connections so that you can
"Get the Attention You Deserve."

We look forward to serving you, your family, and friends on your next visits.


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